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Digital Infrared Thermal Image – DITI

Thermology can play an integral role in monitoring and maintaining health and well-being throughout a patient’s life. As a completely safe and non-invasive physiology test, digital infrared thermal imaging can provide healthcare professionals with unique findings that complement other specialized tests that show no pain or dysfunction.

Unlike most diagnostic modalities, DITI is noninvasive. It is a very sensitive and reliable means of graphically mapping and displaying skin surface temperature. With DITI you can help diagnose, evaluate, monitor and document a wide range of injuries and conditions, including soft tissue injuries and sensory / autonomic nerve fiber dysfunction.

Medical DITI is a monitor for thermal abnormalities present in a number of physical illnesses and injuries. It is used as a diagnostic and prognostic aid, as well as therapy and rehabilitation monitoring, in clinical fields including rheumatology, neurology, physical therapy, sports medicine, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and many others. The results obtained with DITI medical systems are totally objective and show an excellent correlation with other diagnostic tests.

This visual image graphically maps body temperature and is known as a thermogram.

The clinical uses of DITI include:

1. Define the extent of a previously diagnosed injury.
2. Locate a previously unidentified abnormal area for further diagnostic testing.
3. Detect early lesions before they are clinically evident.
4. Monitor. The healing process before the patient returns to work or training.

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