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How to treat shingles with Traditional Chinese Medicine

How to treat shingles with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herpes zoster virus gets its name because it is the agent responsible for both chickenpox and shingles.

The first contact with the virus usually occurs in childhood and is clinically known as chickenpox.

It can manifest anywhere on the body, but most often it appears as a single strip of blisters that wraps around the left or right side of the torso.

As the infection stage elapses, the virus moves through the nerve endings and in some patients postherpetic neuralgia of variable duration may persist.

The symptoms of herpes zoster are the appearance of a reddish rash, itching, burning, pain, tiredness and fever.

The rash usually appears around the waist. When a child or adult suffers from herpes zoster, pharmacological treatment is not enough, which is why they turn to alternative treatments with certified specialists who help minimize the discomfort it causes externally and internally.

The treatment that is applied to the patient from Traditional Chinese Medicine is electroacupuncture, which greatly helps to reduce discomfort since the nervous system is deflated.

Also neural therapy, an alternative medicine technique and essential oils that help to eliminate pain or alterations in the nervous system caused by the Virus. Dr. Mariam Tovar treats patients with herpes zoster, also known as shingles, to help balance the nervous system and consequently improve the patient’s health to the point of minimizing and/or disappearing the discomfort caused by this clinical picture.

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