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Improve the functioning of your body, strengthening it from within

Today we bring you an ancient recommendation to achieve it.

We refer to Chi kung or Qi Gong. Chi kung or Qi Gong which means control, mastery or art of energy; It is an energetic gymnastics that allows a balanced distribution of the body’s energy, thus strengthening the body and mind at the same time.

The ideal is to practice it in an open space, in nature; Any time is good, although Chi Kung masters consider sunrise the most appropriate time as it is the time of creative energy.

It can be done at any age and physical condition with the aim of promoting comprehensive health. What are its benefits?

Helps to cultivate the body’s energy so that it circulates properly through movements and slow breathing.

Increases respiratory capacity and strengthens the osteoarticular system.

Improves concentration, flexibility and body awareness. Improves brain functions, increases oxygenation.

It has benefits that can be complemented with acupuncture sessions and nutritional advice that we offer in our offices at our headquarters in Florida.

Your health is always a priority and we are here to help you.

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