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Plasma Fibroblast / Endorprime is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment with great results similar to surgery. It works only on the epidermis and does not transfer to the dermal papilla, the adjacent areas do not undergo any change or alteration. It is used to improve the fluidity of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, barcode, moles, stretch marks, scars, among others. It can also treat different skin problems, such as:
• Periorbital rejuvenation “The New Blepharoplasty without surgery (upper and lower eyelids and crow’s feet).
• Elimination of sagging skin in the double chin area.
• Elimination of postoperative or general scars, both in the facial and body areas.
• Elimination of stretch marks.
• Elimination of sking tags (warts).

“The principle of the Fibroblast plasma is to ionize gases in the air to create a tiny electric arc, with which the dermal and epidermal areas that are affected by aesthetic problems can be treated without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas”

The procedure begins with cleaning the treated area and a topical anesthetic cream (cream) will be applied, which will reduce the risk of some type of pain.
The treatment will last approximately 20/30 minutes depending on the area to be treated and if the application of anesthetic cream is necessary, which would take 30 more minutes.
No special pretreatment will be necessary.

The patient should go to the consultation without having applied any cosmetic product before, especially if it involves alcohol in the area to be treated.
Results are generally seen immediately after your first session with a 7-10 day healing time, however full results are most noticeable within 8 weeks after your skin below the epidermis has healed.

The effects of the treatment will last an average of 2 to 4 years, being permanent in some cases, but when we talk about facial lines (eye contour), these could reappear over time due to the aging process of the skin.
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