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Teeth and traditional Chinese medicine

Teeth are bones that are on the outside of the body. We have the rest of the bones in the deepest part, inside, and we cannot see them. Thus we can speak of a part related to our innermost essence (the bones, the bone marrow, the kidney or the Water element of MTC and all its functions) manifesting itself abroad.

The teeth are going to relate energetically through a correspondence with the rest of the body through a physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual expression. In our mouth we have 32 teeth that are divided into four quadrants, half are in the upper jaw and the other half in the lower jaw. The central incisor teeth have their organic correspondence with the kidney and the bladder. The canines correspond to the liver and gallbladder. The premolars with the lung and large intestine. The molars with the stomach and the spleen pancreas, and the wisdom teeth with the heart and the small intestine. Thus all the organs of the body are represented in the mouth as well as all its energetic, physiological, emotional and psychological functions.

The mouth, together with the teeth, is found on the face and shows a great symbolic load. Through it we can breathe, we also express emotion, we communicate with it through the language that allows us to express how we feel; likewise we can sing and express joy, or laugh, shout and show anger. The mouth allows us to produce saliva when we like something and then we say that our mouth is watering. When we move the jaw forward tenths that we put nose in the matter. If the labial facial musculature is pressed, we say that we are pouting or angry. When we have to put up with an unpleasant circumstance we say that we swallowed a toad. If we clench our jaw we are repressing some situation. We can find endless expressions that explain how we are at each precise moment and most of the time it is unconsciously. We have an unconscious facial body reading that allows us to experience the different levels of relationship and human function. The mouth together with the teeth plays an important role in its meaning. Sometimes a small gesture with the mouth reveals a very internal part of our being.

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