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The connection between skin care and mental health: beyond superficial beauty

Did you know that taking care of your skin not only improves your physical appearance, but also your mental health?

Treatments focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine can be a solution to improve the appearance of facial skin and other parts of the body, but the beauty of the skin goes far beyond aesthetics and vanity.

Skin care is a way of taking care of our external body, but it is also a way of taking care of our interior.

By doing so, we are improving our self-esteem and confidence, which translates into an improvement in our mental health.

There is nothing more rewarding than feeling good about yourself and that is exactly what we achieve when we treat our body with love and attention.

Furthermore, when we take care of ourselves internally, through a healthy diet and physical exercises, we are complementing the external treatment and obtaining more lasting results.

So don’t feel guilty about investing in your skin and emotional well-being.

If you live in Sarasota or Venice, Florida, Dr. Maríam Tovar will help you achieve that balance of comprehensive well-being with treatments such as Dermapen, PRP, among others.

Do it for yourself, because you deserve it!

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