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Water for our health

The value of water for our health

In World Water Week we share some curiosities and benefits of water for our body Water helps prevent various types of diseases such as urinary tract infections, cardiovascular risks as it decreases the amount of uric acid that we consume in some foods.

Consuming water daily helps dilute the glucose that causes diabetes.

We remind you that glucose is not only present in sweets, but also in carbohydrates that are converted into glucose when entering our body.

Lubricates joints and bones.

Our body is made up of 60% water.

Daily water consumption is beneficial for everyone, but it is even more important for those who suffer from hypertension.

The kidney needs up to 3 liters of water a day to fulfill its function: to eliminate toxins.

It is important to highlight that these recommendations should be discussed with your treating doctor, since you may be presenting a clinical picture that could be counterproductive to consume a lot of water, such as people with kidney failure.

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