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What is Plasma Fibroblast?

Plasma Fibroblast / Endorprime is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment with great results similar to surgery. It works only on the epidermis and does not transfer to the dermal papilla, the adjacent areas do not undergo any change or alteration. It is used to improve the fluidity of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, barcode, moles, stretch …

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Digital Infrared Thermal Image – DITI

Thermology can play an integral role in monitoring and maintaining health and well-being throughout a patient’s life. As a completely safe and non-invasive physiology test, digital infrared thermal imaging can provide healthcare professionals with unique findings that complement other specialized tests that show no pain or dysfunction. Unlike most diagnostic modalities, DITI is noninvasive. It …

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What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are natural volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants, are responsible for protecting them and play an important role in pollination. These compounds are small organic molecules that are called volatile because they change state rapidly from a solid or liquid state to a …

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What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine deeply considers emotions as an indicator of health, but understands that a person’s emotional state is not just a matter of emotions, it is also related to organ function. By adjusting the function of the organ (or organs) involved, there will be an accompanying adjustment in emotions. In the traditional Chinese medicine paradigm, …

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