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Cleaning tips

Cleaning tips to combat allergies and improve your well-being

Living in a clean and healthy space is essential for our well-being. For this reason, today we share some key tips to combat allergies.

  • Remove dust regularly: Dust is a common allergy trigger, so be sure to clean your surfaces, furniture and corners regularly to keep it under control.
  • Wash bedding with hot water: Sheets, pillowcases and blankets are magnets for dust and mites. Wash them with hot water regularly to remove these allergens.
  • Vacuum and steam clean: Regular vacuuming and steam cleaning are effective ways to remove allergens from floors and surfaces.
  • Keep the air clean: Use an air purifier to filter pollen, mites and other allergy triggers from the air you breathe at home.

Take care of yourself and your environment to enjoy a life without allergies. Prevention is the key.

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