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Conscious self-care for your comprehensive health

Conscious self-care for your comprehensive health

Did you know that self-care is a noble and conscious act for your comprehensive health.

There are several ways of self-care to prevent diseases and today we share them with you:

Physical self-care: This consists of taking care of our body from what we eat, keeping the whole organism active with exercises and taking care of the hours of rest.

Mental self-care: Creative and critical thinking is what will allow you to keep your mind healthy, which is achieved by learning something new, managing negative thoughts by seeing the bright side of the situation, recognizing negative emotions and working on them.

Social self-care: Interacting with other people in different environments helps you lead a full life.

We are social beings and therefore by maintaining communication with other people it allows us to maintain a balance with what we are and what surrounds us.

Emotional self-care: Learning to manage emotions is the key.

Emotions influence everything we do and negative ones are the cause of diseases that we must avoid.

It is for this reason that we must always prioritize what we feel in adverse situations over what others feel (family, friends, co-workers).

Spiritual self-care: Spiritual self-care has nothing to do with religion but with the relationship with what is not material, with that energy that you cannot see but you feel inside.

Among the practices to maintain spiritual self-care is practicing gratitude, meditating, among others.

At Total Harmony Medicine we help you in your self-care.

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