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Did you know that Acupuncture and other treatments based on Eastern medicine have provided relief to long-standing COVID patients that Western Medicine had not achieved?

In an NBC NEWS article, several patients with long-term covid symptoms recount how they have improved after receiving acupuncture, meditation, and ancient herbal treatments.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the article: Christine Kaiser, a clinical acupuncture and quality manager at Connor Whole Health University Hospitals in Ohio, estimated that at least 75% of her long-standing Covid patients had responded well to acupuncture, though many were hesitant to try it.

Lauren Nichols, a Massachusetts resident who contracted Covid in March 2020, estimated that over two years she had tried about 30 different pharmaceuticals to relieve her migraines, brain fog, fatigue, seizures, diarrhea and other persistent symptoms.

Her physical limitations, and lack of answers, became so overwhelming that she developed suicidal thoughts.

But about three months after the acupuncture began in May 2022, Nichols said:

“I could see the clouds starting to part.”Instead of having migraines four to six times a day at his worst, I was having migraines about twice a day.

And then eventually once a day,” he said.Now, Nichols said, the migraines and most other symptoms have resolved on their own, thanks to a combination of alternative therapies.

These testimonials confirm once again that we are on the right path:

helping patients with treatments that go beyond treating the symptoms, but rather the cause until eliminating the root that causes the disease.

If you felt identified with some of these testimonials, we can help you with our acupuncture and electroacupuncture treatment by Dr. Mariam Tovar.

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