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Do you suffer from sinusitis or allergies

Do you suffer from sinusitis or allergies?

Discover how to relieve yourself with the recommendations that we leave you below.

1. Maintain good nasal hygiene. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes the importance of maintaining good nasal hygiene to prevent the accumulation of mucus and the growth of bacteria in the sinuses.

In that sense, it is recommended to use saline water to wash the nasal passages and avoid the excessive use of nasal sprays, which can irritate the sinuses.

2. Avoid factors that may contribute to the appearance of sinusitis and allergies, such as exposure to allergens, environmental irritants, sudden changes in temperature, and the consumption of cold or raw foods.

3. From TCM it is considered that a strong immune system is essential to prevent sinusitis and allergies. For this it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

4. Maintain a clean and healthy environment to prevent the accumulation of allergens and bacteria.

It is recommended to regularly clean the house, avoid the use of irritating chemicals and maintain good ventilation in the house.

5. Take preventive treatments to strengthen the immune system to prevent sinusitis and allergies. These treatments may include acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and dietary changes.

If you are considering using TCM to prevent or treat these conditions, it is important to see an experienced TCM practitioner for proper evaluation and treatment.

Dr. Maríam Tovar has more than 20 years of experience in Conventional Medicine and has trained as a Traditional Chinese Physician, Functional Physician and Herbalist.

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