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Emotions and health

Emotions and health

Did you know that emotions positively and negatively affect our overall health?

For this reason, in our consultations under the traditional Chinese medicine approach, we dedicate ourselves to tend to everything that surrounds the individual.

We also check what you feel physically, but that is not the determining factor to give a diagnosis.

What do we mean by that? Well, health is unbalanced by what you eat, feel and when you think negatively. So improving those factors greatly improved your overall health.

Taking these factors into account, it is necessary to listen carefully to the patient. This way Dr. Tovar obtains a more accurate diagnosis.

In addition, it allows for the treatment to address everything that has generated the body discomfort. And treat it effectively until the root of the disease is eradicated.

In our personalized consultation you will get a complete approach.

We will give you the appropriate treatments and/or therapies to balance your mind, body and emotions: Comprehensive health.

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