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Hair loss

Hair loss. Know which organs are related to this

In Traditional Medicine Chinese we believe that hair health is closely linked to blood. This is because our blood contains the nutrients required to nourish our hair.

Blood in turn is closely linked to 2 organs, namely the liver and the spleen. Our spleen is responsible for digestion and nutrient absorption, while the liver is responsible for storing and circulating blood.

A compromised liver and/or spleen system often results in blood deficiency or blood stagnation. This affects the nutrient supply to our hair and can eventually result in hair loss.

Another organ that is related to hair health is our Kidneys. Our kidneys store a special substance known as 精 jing which is required for hair growth as well as hair colour. As such, individuals with a compromised kidney system or 精 jing deficiency may observe slower hair growth, brittle hair or an increase in number of white hairs.

Apart from circulating blood, the liver also plays an important role in regulating our Qi energy. This Qi energy is the driving force for blood, which is crucial for healthy hair. Excessive or prolonged stress, anxiety, anger and emotional trauma can all lead to Liver Qi stagnation, which can affect our hair in the long run.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a skin condition that is caused by an overproduction of sebum (an oily secretion) by the sebaceous gland. It normally affects the scalp and can cause the skin there to become red, flaky, itchy and oily.

Tips for Dealing with Hair Loss the Traditional Chinese Medicine Way.

Diet plays an important role and we can use TCM food therapy to help manage the condition. Consume blood nourishing foods like red dates and longan, as well as kidney nourishing foods like black sesame, black beans and black fungus.

For individuals with chronic or more severe hair loss, you can try out acupuncture and herbal medication as well. Regular acupuncture improves Qi and blood circulation to the scalp, while herbal medication helps to address imbalances in an individual’s body constitution, speeding up the hair growth.

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