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essential oils during pregnancy

How to use essential oils during pregnancy?

Essential oils can be helpful in creating a healthy body, supporting the immune system, relieving feelings of discomfort, and more. Because of these powerful benefits, essential oils are useful and effective during all stages of life, including during pregnancy. If you follow proper safety guidelines, you can rely on using essential oils during pregnancy.

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a wide variety of changes. These changes often lead to feelings of discomfort and tenderness throughout the body. While every pregnancy is a little different, the goal is to support the healthy and proper function of the entire body. Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, essential oils can be used during pregnancy to help maintain a healthy body and a healthy baby.

If you’ve used essential oils before without incident, you should tell your doctor about any essential oils you plan to use during your pregnancy. Your doctor knows your specific health concerns and the status of your pregnancy and therefore should be aware of any and all essential oil products you plan to use during pregnancy.

Because every pregnancy is different, your doctor is the best resource for making a treatment plan and determining which essential oils are best to use during pregnancy. Your doctor can give you a good idea of what to avoid during pregnancy and any other safety measures you should take based on your personal health and the health of your growing baby.

Here are some ideas on how to use essential oils during pregnancy:

  • Peppermint oil and cardamom oil can relieve occasional upset stomach when taken in vegetable capsules or added to water.
  • Ginger oil can help reduce occasional nausea.
  • Green peppermint oil offers many of the same benefits as peppermint oil, but serves as a milder option to help with the sensitivity or upset stomach that occurs during pregnancy.

There are also essential oils for back discomfort during pregnancy, for better sleep during pregnancy, for better skin during pregnancy, for emotional support during pregnancy, for labor and delivery, and during breastfeeding.

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