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Six tips for a healthy heart

Six tips for a healthy heart

This week we bring you content related to the heart, in celebration of World

Day Below we share several tips that allow you to maintain a healthy heart:

  1. Do aerobic exercise to keep your heart in good shape.
  2. Reduce anxiety and stress to avoid bad habits and feel good about yourself.
  3. Learn to breathe calmly, meditate or do yoga.
  4. Practice more social activities and have fun, to reduce tension and stress.
  5. Get enough sleep and seek to maintain a regulated schedule, important to keep the heart healthy, since by sleeping well, the immune system is stimulated, blood pressure and inflammation are reduced, glucose levels are regularized, and stress is reduced. and promotes a good quality of life.
  6. Do aerobic exercise to help lower blood pressure, improve endurance and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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