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Transform your life with essential oils

Transform your life with essential oils

In previous posts we have shared different holistic treatments to improve your overall health, including Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies.

But what would you think if we told you that by including essential oils in your daily routine, it helps you strengthen the results of those treatments?

That is what we want to talk about today, the inclusion of essential oils to harmonize your mind, body and emotions in a very simple and dynamic way in your home at your fingertips.
There are several ways to use essential oils that favor your overall well-being:

1. Through smell: We call this “aromatic” use of essential oils. This includes any application method that helps you experience the aroma of the oil. You can use essential oils aromatically as follows:

  • Diffusion in an essential oil diffuser.
  • Applying a drop to your hands and inhaling.
  • Using it as a personal fragrance.

2. The “topical” application of essential oils allows the oil to be absorbed into the skin. Some ways to use essential oils on your skin are:

  • Applying them in specific areas and rubbing them.
  • Adding them to lotions or moisturizers.

3. The ingestion or “internal” use of essential oils allows the oil to be transported throughout the body. Make sure the essential oil is safe for internal use first, and then try one of these methods:

  • Add it to a glass of water.
  • Take it in a vegetable capsule.
  • Put a drop under your tongue.

There are several reasons to use Doterra Essential Oils from now on.
Dr. Maríam Tovar offers you these oils in her pharmacy and if you want to be part of Doterra, she can also guide you.

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