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Water as an element and the emotions

Water is the most receptive element of all, since it has no shape of its own and is capable of going around and avoiding almost all obstacles. It teaches us to trust that every life cycle is fulfilled and that we will fulfill ours. His fluency speaks to us of availability, dedication, gratitude and gratitude.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, the water element reflects in itself the basis of Ying and Yang, as well as the delicate balance between them. The water element symbolizes the germ, the seed, the essence, the root. … Water is the origin, the memory, the ancestors, the family and the inheritance of the past.

The movement of water is represented by the character Shui, which means a stream of water with its lateral eddies. The characteristics are cold and hydration, descent and hoarding. It is a centripetal dynamism of internalization and accumulation of potentials, which makes it the most powerful movement.

It is the most Yin movement and manifests a phase of return towards the interior, towards the origin, expressed with rest and non-action. Water represents, in turn, the ability to adapt, the search for new paths, the tendency to flow.

Water is the movement of liquids, the fluidity that nourishes, humidifies and refreshes. It is the paradigm of change and evolution … The Vital Impulse. Sometimes the Water is uncontrollable, it has an enormous force, it is impossible to stop it because it always finds its way; to flow with her and tune in to the changes that she proposes in her path is the key; If we try to stop it, it will end up overwhelming us. But this immense force has slow actions most of the time, like water eroding rocks.

The water always advances, never retreats, it always approaches the target. Its orientation is the North and its season, winter, the cold that freezes and shapes. All nature tends to hibernate, slow down, slow down. Its color is black or dark blue, the color of Yin and dark and deep waters, like the primordial chaos that engendered everything.

His emotion, fear, that paralyzes and freezes like the cold of the Water movement. Its sound, the moans, which come from the depths of our Being. Its taste is salty, in relation to the great mass of salty water that makes up our planet. The movement of Water belongs to the Kidney and the Bladder. The Kidneys, according to Chinese Medicine, treasure the Essence or Jing, all our potential inherited from our parents. Its meaning is the ear, its ornaments, its hair, it resonates in the bones and in osteoarticular diseases, its territory is the lumbar area and its liquid is saliva.

Its virtue is the Wisdom of one who knows how to take advantage of its full potential. In the Water the first cell was formed, it is the return to the starting point, the first two years of childhood and old age. Water is life.

The Water archetype is “the philosopher” who brings to light what is hidden, discovers new lines of knowledge, dispelling its mystery and eroding ignorance. He sifts through the gravel of notions and beliefs, tireless in his effort to learn the nature of reality. Time is the pick and the shovel exhumes the remains of culture that endures and doggedly searches for the truth. Imagine what it can be and that makes you critical of what it is. His greatest concern is his non-origin and destiny, always searching for the perfect teacher.

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