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Acupuncture applied to facial paralysis ⁣

Acupuncture applied to facial paralysis

Bell’s Palsy appears when the VII cranial nerve is affected, thereby causing the mobility of the facial muscles to be lost.⁣

It usually affects only one side of the face.

This can be central or peripheral, it can occur due to stress (the most common) and/or metabolic alterations. Likewise, when the body, and especially the face, is subjected to very sudden temperature changes.⁣

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this pathology is considered as an alteration of the Qi (energy) and Xue (blood) of the body due to an entrance or strong blow of wind, causing an alteration of Wei (defenses). This causes the Yang Ming and Shao Yang meridians to be attacked, generating a lack of nutrition for the muscles.⁣
After chemotherapy treatment (or COVID) the immune and nervous system is compromised, resulting in facial paralysis.⁣

Cases such as the aforementioned have come to our consultation.⁣

To our satisfaction, the patient has improved to the point of achieving ocular and facial mobility. With acupuncture, symmetrical blinking was recovered and that is what motivates Dr. Tovar to continue offering treatments from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).⁣

If you know someone with facial paralysis, don’t hesitate to share this information with them. For inquiries contact us by private or WhatsApp.

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