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Benefits of electroacupuncture

Electroacupuncture is a key treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine that comes from acupuncture, but applying electricity to produce stimulation at the points where the needles are inserted. 

This procedure serves as a therapeutic treatment for different external/internal conditions of the body. 

Thanks to its analgesic effect superior to normal acupuncture, muscle and osteoarticular discomfort can be treated. 

Electroacupuncture is of great help in speeding recovery from post-traumatic injuries. 

It helps reduce inflammation of the tissues, as well as the symptoms of sciatica, low back pain, renal colic pain, and discomfort caused by chemotherapy. 

It also accelerates the rehabilitation of nerves and tendons affected by illness or injury. 

Also, treat diseases of the nervous system, facial or peripheral paralysis, and pain in general. 

In our consultations we offer this treatment to help our patients improve their health. 

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