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Emotions and their relationship with health

When the pandemic began, various emotions were triggered by the panorama we faced. Fear, fear and stress were the main emotions in those initial days of what began to be experienced in the first quarter of 2020. 

Given this approach, the question could come to us: what are emotions and how does it affect our health? 

In that sense, emotions are psychophysiological reactions that we experience every day and most of the time we are not aware of it. They are response stimuli that tell us how and what affects us in an adverse or positive situation. 

When we allow situations that stress us or cause an unpleasant effect to remain for a long time, there is a possibility that the neurons and the brain will be altered. 

Emotions such as sadness can affect the circulatory system and the lungs, to the point of feeling pressure in the chest, breathing problems, asthma or dermatological problems, understanding that the skin is the largest lung in the body. 

Similarly, anger, aggressiveness and rage directly affect the liver and gallbladder. While people who worry excessively can cause stomach or digestive problems. 

Likewise, low self-esteem and fear directly attack the kidneys, bladder or adrenal glands. 

While, anguish or fear can result in urinary or lumbar affection. 


Some of the recommendations to keep emotions stable and thus face adverse situations in a better way, to avoid any damage to the body we have: 

Express our feelings in an appropriate way, not cling to adverse situations that cannot be changed, avoid places or people who tend to see more problems than solutions. 

Develop resilience, do activities that help relax the body and mind such as yoga, conscious breathing, among others. 

Finally, sleep well, feed the mind with positive episodes, enjoy good times and family, do physical activities. 

Dr. Mariam Tovar, through her consultation, helps patients to identify if any emotion has triggered the discomfort of the body and/or illness so that their improvement is effective. 

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