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Recommendations to take care of your skin before and after an aesthetic treatment

Before, during and after an aesthetic treatment it is vital to apply sunscreen to ensure that the results are more optimal. 

Using sunscreen with mineral ingredients daily is the number one rule for all skin types undergoing cosmetic treatment. 

For example, after a treatment with microneedles, the skin is more sensitive, this means that it is more exposed to the damage that the sun’s rays can cause. 

Also, avoid exfoliants after a week of the treatment and keep the skin well hydrated. 

Also, avoid activities that produce sweat, as it can cause skin irritation. 

A balanced diet and quality sleep will help ensure that the above is optimally achieved. 

In our consultations we attend each patient in a personalized way, first we check the skin and then we verify if it is suitable to apply the corresponding treatment. 

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