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World Health Day

Prevention is the key to staying healthy

On World Health Day celebrated in April, we share some recommendations that will help you stay healthy and prevent diseases.

The first thing is to cultivate good relationships and raise positive emotions. That way you strengthen your immune system.

Secondly, carry out a diet that is as natural and less processed as possible.

Replace soft drinks with infusions and tea.

Do regular exercise and if it is in nature, the result will be more pleasant.

Hydrate at least every hour to help our body perform its functions optimally.

Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages to avoid brain, digestive and circulatory damage.

In addition, it avoids damaging the liver, the main organ in which alcohol-related pathologies originate.

Get an annual check-up with your trusted doctor.

Your body always speaks when something is wrong, it does so through some discomfort in the body. Listen to him and take care of him with a doctor.

Take care of the planet to guarantee a healthy environment.

Keep your mind active by reading, doing crossword puzzles, riddles, learning something new.

Prevent diseases with our traditional Chinese medicine treatments such as acupuncture, moxibustion, Cupping therapy, Tui na or Tiuna, Acupressure, among others.

Contact us and Dr. Mariam Tovar will gladly assist you in a personalized way.

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