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Do you know the difference between a tea and an infusion

Do you know the difference between a tea and an infusion?

Today International Tea Day we will tell you some curiosities about this ancient drink.

  • Tea and infusion are not the same.
    A herbal tea, a pennyroyal or chamomile are not teas. Don’t confuse them: tea comes from the buds, leaves, and young stems of a single plant (Cemellia sinensis).

While the infusion is obtained from any other plant or herb.

  • It has antioxidant power.
    Science has shown that tea has antioxidant power.
    It is also capable of activating the mind and relaxing the body.


  • There are four types of tea.
    White tea, green tea, blue (oolong), yellow, red and black tea.

People with hypertension, heart problems, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, anxiety, sleep problems, hyperactivity, among others, should not drink tea.

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