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Edible seaweed

Edible seaweed to improve your health

There are several types of algae but today we will share the benefits that wakame offers for your health.

This type of seaweed native to Japan and Korea, which is very common their Gastronomy and offers multiple benefits for the body.

When consumed fresh and raw, it provides a high percentage of hydration that helps in cases of constipation.

It favors the tonify of the liver, an organ that fulfills more than 500 functions in the body.

Provides a large percentage of favorable iron for people with ferropenic  anemia.

It also contains macro minerals such as calcium, sulfur, sodium, and phosphorus.

For these reasons, Dr. Maríam Tovar recommends wakame in our diet.

It is important to mention that people with thyroid and coagulation problems should consume it in moderation since it has a high content of Iodine and Vitamin K.

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