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Eye acupuncture

Eye acupuncture

Ocular acupuncture is a treatment that starts by placing the needles in points adjacent to the eye.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of the acupuncturist on the anatomy and pathology of the eye, a painless, simple and efficient procedure is performed for anyone who has any condition in their eyes.

Eye diseases that can be treated with eye acupuncture:

Myopia Dry Eye Glaucoma, cataract, Among others.

We can help you from our office located in Sarasota, Florida by Dr. Maríam Tovar.

Dr. Tovar is a professional in Conventional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This combination allows you to receive Integrative Medicine care in which both knowledge and high-value experiences converge for comprehensive patient care.

If you are in Sarasota, Florida, contact us and book your appointment.

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