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Hair loss

How to prevent hair loss?

From the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach, hair loss is related to kidney failure syndrome.

While healthy hair depends on the abundant flow of Qi and Blood in the scalp.

For this reason, it is important to extensively review all the factors that are causing it, which may be genetic, hormonal, some medication, your mental health, the function of the related organ (kidney), your nutritional level in what you consume daily, among others.

Here are some recommendations to prevent hair loss:

Consume foods rich in omega 3, vitamins such as sulfur (white meat, eggs, liver, almonds), copper (seafood, spinach), iron (red meat, spinach, lentils), magnesium (avocados, whole grains, bananas), selenium ( fish, garlic, cucumber, mushroom) zinc (flax seed, oats, beans) vitamin c (papaya, guava, citrus fruits).

Maintaining a stable emotional balance is vital, as stress can cause significant hair loss to the point of alopecia.

Performing exercises within the daily routine improves blood flow helping the hair follicles.

Dr. Mariam Tovar offers you a personalized treatment that can change herbal medicine, traditional Chinese medicine.

Among its treatments we have acupuncture, platelet-rich plasma for capillary stimulation, nutritional advice to strengthen the scalp, among others.

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