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Our Valentine's gift

Our Valentine’s gift

Today on the Day of Love and Friendship we have an informative gift that you will surely like and if you have the opportunity to do this dynamic, do not hesitate to activate:

Today, in addition to celebrating what the whole world knows and celebrates, a very interesting day is also celebrated.

This is World Healing Sound Day or World Sound Healing Day.

Every February 14th hundreds and thousands of people around the world create healing sounds with the pure intention of love and compassion to send a sonic Valentine’s gift to Mother Earth.

Sound healing is a practice that uses the natural vibrations of the sounds of vocal instruments, gongs, bowls, and tuning forks to relax the mind and body.

Some even claim that healing sounds can even help cure insomnia and anxiety.

The science behind these healing sounds is that these vibrations lower blood pressure, improve circulation, slow breathing rate, and calm the mind and body.

According to Jonathan Goldman, the founder of World Sound Healing Day, the healing sound can be any vocal sound.

This includes ah, hum, om, etc., or any tone such as a crystal bowl, Tibetan bell, didgeridoo, or any instrument such as piano, violin, drum, flute, guitar, and sitar.

In fact, any type of musical performance or sound presentation that you would like to put on.

This event is not just for sound healers, meditators and peace activists.

All lovers of humanity and sensitive consciousness can participate in this event.

The time to create these healing sounds together with other people is at noon in any time zone.

The only thing to remember is that you are creating healing sounds with the main goal of bringing harmony and peace on Earth.

What did you think of our Valentine’s gift? Did you know?

Do you plan to participate?
We read you in the comments.

PS: With information from National Day.

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